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Celebrating Scotland's Sharks at SEA LIFE Loch Lomond

Celebrating Scotland's Sharks at SEA LIFE Loch Lomond
We visited SEA LIFE Loch Lomond, partly because my son has really enjoyed two school trips there and also because Celebrating Scotland's Sharks appeared to be just up his street. He did a project about Oceans and water last year and loved finding out different facts about the creatures that live in the sea. And sharks are very interesting!

We took some photos to add to our instagram feed. We really enjoyed Celebrating Scotland's Sharks and the visit to the Aquarium. I think the classroom where the activities were taking place could have been better signposted, perhaps with a big sign at reception indicating what was happening or maybe the activities could be drop in. It didn’t help that the final session on Saturday clashed with the Otters’ Feeding time.

The activities in the classroom were led by volunteers including real scientists who worked in shark conservation. They were brilliant at explaining some of the interesting facts about sharks, eg., their sixth sense to a couple of 9 year olds but then doing some cookie decorating with a 4 year old. The hands-on activities were varied (looking at shark jaws and egg cases, word searches and cookie decorating) - just a shame that inside the Aquarium it wasn’t better highlighted.

We finished off with some refreshments in the cafe with one of the best views in Scotland! (Our main pic!)

Anyway, the next highlight will be the Moshi Monsters who will be visiting the Aquarium for the WHOLE summer!

Visit: www.visitsealife.com/loch-lomond
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